Meet Michael Oransky - Watchmaker

Michael Oransky Is An Independent Certified Watchmaker Living In New York City. He studied At The Lititz Watch Technicum In The Horology Program for 2 years and Is A Member Of AWCI and the Chronometer Club. He Has A Vast Knowledge Of The Watch making Industry. He is CW21 Certified and has Completed Brand specific training with multiple brands and continues to follow the latest industry standards. Michael has Specialized Skills in Repairing Chronographs & Split Second Chronographs.


Meet Jerry Tate - Watchmaker

Jerry is a SAWTA-Certified and Omega OWME-Certified watchmaker as well as a mechanical engineer with extensive aerospace program management and product development experience. The same technical expertise, commitment and quality work he applied to missile systems development is now applied to servicing and repairing customers’ fine timepieces.


Meet Tuvia - Watchmaker

Tuvia found his passion in watchmaking after not feeling fulfilled at his job in the corporate world. He started working as an apprentice repairing simple quartz watches at a small watch repair shop in Brooklyn and joined the Swiss Precision team in 2021. He is currently learning the art of fine swiss watchmaking & honing his skills. Tuvia loves working on new and challenging calibers, with the hopes of one day having the opportunity to work on some of the most complicated watches in the world. "One day, nothing you'll put in front of me will scare me," he says.