Client Testimonials

"Great work. Great price. My IWC had an issue keeping time. Swiss explained the issue, gave me a quote and fixed my watch. Without any issues. Would highly recommend to anyone for any watch."
- Russell L. Brooklyn, NY

"Superb customer service, knows what they are doing and would recommend this shop to anyone that needs to get their timepieces fixed. They truly have a talent for the art of watchmaking. The sickest handy work I have seen thus far."
- Ilya G. Brooklyn, NY

"Brought my Rolex in for repair and Mike was able to identify the issue right away and have my watch back to me by the end of the week. Really knowledgeable and friendly guy. Will definitely be coming back here again."
- Neil T. Brighton Beach, NY

"Finding a trustworthy watchmaker in NYC is not easy. Safe to say that Michael is one of them - and with a CW21 certification. I took a luxury sports watch in for an overdue servicing. When I dropped it off he took the time to understand what exactly I wanted or didn't want done to the watch. Exactly one week later the watch was back on my wrist and keeping perfect time. Michael explained what he had done, the depth it was tested to, and showed me the parts that he had replaced. I'll be taking all my watches to Michael and his team from now on."
- Jason M. Brooklyn, NY

"Brought my SARB033 in due to the presence of condensation on the dial and the display case-back, a sign of water/moisture finding its way into my supposedly 100m water resistant watch. Having not heard from Seiko due to the pandemic, I decided to seek immediate attention before it causes further damage ie. formation of rust in the movement. Michael attended to me even while in the middle of some complex service. He ran a pressure test which confirms that water resistance has been compromised. Upon close inspection he discovered that the crown gasket was as he described it, "looked melted". I found it disheartening especially from a 4 month old watch. He proceeded to replace it with a new one after retrieving the movement from a heating panel to evaporate the moisture out. Upon assembly, he then placed my watch back into the pressure test device with my fingers crossed-- it passed! I can only imagine a rigamarole of emailing back and forth with Seiko, not to mention chasing warranty on a Japanese Domestic Model that has long been discontinued, in the end, I made the right choice. Will I come back? Hopefully, not soo. But if I have a watch that needs servicing, I'd say YES!"
- Ian M. Brooklyn, NY

"I dropped by with a vintage Cartier. At least a decade ago, the battery had leaked and the Cartier Service Center proposed replacing the ENTIRE mechanism Last week, I dusted the watch off and brought it to Michael, who took the time to search for and replace a missing part with real care; he also polished off the tarnished sections of my watch. A new battery later, my Cartier works perfectly! Michael only charged me $20 for the battery. Amazing experience! Highly recommended."
- Trina D. Makati, Philippines

"Michael just fixed and serviced my 1994 Omega Seamaster Chronograph (ref. 2599.80) and I could't be happier with the results. I first took the watch to a known watchmaker in Philly and I was told that the hair spring was so distorted that it had to be replaced with a new one. (He explained that a screw fell our of the balance wheel and it got caught in the hair spring.) When I took the watch to Michael for a second opinion and told him about the distorted hair spring, he replied: 'Everything can be fixed.' He quoted me a very fair price and got my watch back into perfect working order in a timely manner. Thank you, Michael! This has been a great experience and I will not take my watches anywhere else."
- Zoltan T. Greenwich, CT